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Services | ROI Renos


Bathroom Renovation
We can fully demolish and remodel your bathroom. From basic fixture installation to waterproofing to tiling. ROI Renos can create the bathroom oasis you deserve.

Carpentry (General)
The skilled carepnters at ROI renos can create the quality framing or structure required for other subtrade to build upon. The attention to detail in the beginning stage will show thru to the end of the project.

Disaster Repair
The employeees at ROI Renos have several years experience working for a major insurance approved restoration contractor in Toronto. We can take your damaged home and return it to its original state professionaly and with the least amount of stress on you.

Sharp lines and smooth finishes on professionally installed drywall will make your renovation look like it was original to the home. ROI Renos will provide you with the professional attention to detail and quality you are looking for.

Workout Rooms / Gyms
ROI Renos will work with you to create a unique and functional exercise area in your home. We can meet any special requirements or features you desire.

Game Rooms
ROI Renos can take your vision and make it a reality. We will work closely with you to implement any special requests or features that will make your entertainment area the envy of friends and neighbours.

Tile / Tiling
ROI Renos can provide the professional service you need to complete your tiling project. From floors and backsplashes to tub and shower enclosures, we will accept only your complete satisfaction.

General Contractor
ROI Renos can provide the professional service to take your project from start to finish. Our task based approach will ensure smooth coordination of subtrades and a high quality finished product.

Trim and Finish Carpenters
ROI Renos can provide the professional service to complete the finishing touches to your renovation project. Our attention to detail and professional service will have your crown molding, casing, or baseboard trim completed in no time at all.

ROI Renos can provide the professional painting service you need to make each room of your home truely unique. We will work with you to finish your home to your desired taste and style. Professional service and quality materials are what we provide.

ROI Renos can provide the professional and quality framing needed to start a successful renovation. The attention to detail will show thru to the end of the project. A quality framing job makes life easier for following subtrades and allows for smooth renovation progress.

Demolition Services
ROI Renos can provide professional demolition services to get your renovation started. Taking your chosen renovation area down to a blank slate will help to simplify your planning stage as well as create the opportunity to resolve hidden issues.

Home Restoration
ROI Renos can offer the professional services to return your home to its original glory. Wether you want to update your home to increase value or just restore the original features our attention to detail and professionalism will get the job done.

Windows & Exterior Doors
ROI Renos can install your window / door or prepare the rough opening for your chosen supplier. Either way our professional service will ensure the comfort and security of your home or business.

Interior Doors
ROI Renos can install any interior door of your choice. A well hung door can increase the comfort and define the style of your home. It will also provide the privacy needed for any functional living spaces.

Handyman Services
No job is too big or too small. ROI Renos can provide the services you need to make your life easier. Minor repairs or major interior remodels, we will provide the same level of quality and service.

Fence Install & Repair
Good fences make for good neighbours. ROI Renos can provide the service you need to create the private sanctuary ideal for family and friends.

Basement Renovation
Full basement renovations are provided. We can help design and layout your basement. We can perform framing, drywall, Paint, as well as work with sub trades for any electrical or plumbing requirements.

Decks & Patios
Adding a deck or patio is like adding another room onto your home. ROI Renos can help you to create a truly unique outdoor living space that will be envy of your neighbours.

Ceramic & Marble Floors
A professionally laid floor will compliment the rest of the features in your home. You pick the material suited to your taste and then let ROI Renos create the masterpiece.

Hardwood & Laminate Flooring
A professionally laid floor will accentuate the features of any room. ROI Renos can install the flooring of your choice to increase the comfort and value of your home.

Kitchen Renovation
A fully functional kitchen is the true hub of any home. From family meals to entertaining friends to childrens homework a beautiful kitchen needs to be a comforatble and stress free space. ROI Renos can create the kitchen of your dreams.