Mould Clean Up and Repair

An odd smell can sometimes be an indicator of a more serious problem. What was suspected to be a small water leak on one side of the basement turned out to be a far more serious issue on the other side. The homeowners timely diligence in seeking to rectify the problem saved them a great deal of heartache in the future.

What may have seemed to be a negative at the time turned into a positive situation. While the perimeter drywall of the basement was taken down to get to the source of the problem, the homeowners took the opportunity to repair all the affected framing and then sprayfoam insulate the outside walls of the entire basement.

Before & After Pictures: (click to enlarge)


Living Room before and after

Kitchenette and Bedroom Before and After

Owning a home can, on occasion, present a person with a stressful situation they either don’t have the time or the know how to deal with. Whether you need basic patching and painting or discover a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediatley, ROI Renos has the experience to deal with your situation.

Jim Dickinson, General Contractor